Affordable Stump Removal

When a tree has fallen down outside of your home, it can leave behind an ugly and dangerous stump that is seemingly impossible to get rid of. While you can try to chop this with an axe, that won’t necessarily produce the results that you desire. Instead, it’s recommended to have a professional come and help you out. They will use heavy duty professional equipment to properly eradicate the stump and shave it down to the ground. With this you’ll be able to take back control of your yard, whether you want to have grass, flowers, or simple rocks placed over the area where the stump once was.

When is Stump Removal Necessary?

Any time you have a stump with jagged edges that are sticking out of the surface, it should be removed. While you could shave down the surface so that it’s flat, this isn’t ideal for most people who don’t like the look of the stump sticking out of the ground. In situations like these it’s simply better to have the stump completely removed so the earth can be recovered and the landscape can go back to normal again.

Advantages of Professional Stump Removal

At Economy Tree we know how beneficial stump removal can be for any homeowner. Some of the biggest benefits of this service include:

– Saving time
– Not having to purchase equipment
– Saving money
– Less stress
– Less time taken
– Convenience with having a professional do the job

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